Presidential Pits is a 501(c)(3) organization that is staffed entirely by volunteers. Our mission is to provide rescue, education, and community outreach for the promotion and protection of pit bull-type dogs in the District of Columbia and surrounding areas.  Pit bull-type dogs in the DC area face more issues than other kinds of dogs. They are the most prevalent dog in DC shelters. They have a lower and slower adoption rate than other kinds of dogs, which makes their time in the shelter longer. Pit bulls suffer from misconceptions and negative media press. Some housing and insurance organizations discriminate against pit bulls. Some local leaders support breed discrimination legislation against pit bulls.

Dogs are called “pit bulls” based on their appearance, but a dog’s physical characteristics are only a small part of their genetic makeup. The shape and size of a dog is not an indicator of its temperament. All dogs are individuals. We believe pit bulls should be treated as individuals and given the same chances as other types of dogs. Therefore, we established Presidential Pits to collaborate with local organizations and community members to address the issues facing pit bull-type dogs in the DC area through rescue, education, and advocacy.



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